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Fake It
Till You Make It

Build a unicorn overnight

Prank entrepreneurs with 300+ fake Stripe sales notifications in a few minutes, as if your startup was already a unicorn 🦄

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Prank your friends

Pretend your internet business is booming. Show off your sales. You made it!


Boost your mood

Stripe notifications are the fuel for entrepreneurs, even if they're fake (proof?)


Get recognition

Friends and family don't believe entrepreneurs, until we make the first $. Show, don't tell!

Overnight success is real

And Rome was built in a day

So easy, even grandma can build a unicorn 🦄

  • Get the app
  • Set your product price
  • Get tons of Stripe-like notifications!
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A person taking a selfie showing off their fake Stripe notifications
Horse with ice cream on its forehead that looks like a Unicorn
By Marc
Marc Lou